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Danville Chenille Company Inc.

Crystal and Speckled Crystal Chenille

Danville's Crystal Chenille

Available in 12 Colors

Click here to see Crystal Chenille Color Chart


Available in 10 Sizes

Click here to see Chenille Size Chart

Widths are approximate. Size 00 and Size 7 are not available.


The Crystal Chenille and Speckled Crystal Chenille are sold by the gross (144 yards). They are available in skeins only. One gross is two 72 yard skeins.


Danville's Speckled Crystal Chenille

The Speckled Crystal Chenille can be made with a combination of Crystal colors, or Crystal with any of the Rayon and/or Nylon Chenille colors. Any 2 to 3 colors can be combined. It is available in the same 10 sizes as the Crystal Chenille.


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