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Danville Chenille Company Inc.

Tools and Miscellaneous Products


Danville Chenille also sells the following types of products:

Mylar Tinsel (Flat & Oval)

Tinsel (Oval & Embossed)

Gold & Silver Wire (Fine & Medium Fine)

Medium Wire (Copper & Black)

Lead Wire (Fine .015 - Medium .020 - Large .030)

Metallic Braid (Tubing)

Mylar Braid

Rod Winding Threads (Sizes S/A & S/D)

Crystal Flash & Crystal Glo Flash

Nylon Thread - Sizes 2/0, A, B & D - Limited Quantities & Colors Available

Nylon Thread - Size E

Hackle Pliers

Ceramic Tip Wire Thread Bobbin

Bobbin Threader

Scissors (Medium Straight 3 1/2")

Tweezers (Fine Tip Straight & Fine Tip Curved)

Whip Finishers (Small - Large)

Hair Staker

Wood Spools

Plastic Spools

Dozen Size Boxes & Covers


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